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Disconti allows you to pay less for your shopping during your travel!
Disconti allows you to pay less for your shopping during your travel!

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If guests require farther information about flights and bookings they can contact us via social media , visit website or phone call as listed below and they can complete their reservations
You can visit website for more information.
Office number: +90 242 821 41 18 Mobile phone: + 90 535 41268 79 Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram

# escape2olympos Instagram, facebook [email protected]
Flight Timing;
The take off and landing times below can be met in cases where the weather conditions are stable.
If the weather is not suitable for the take-off, it is possible to experience a delay in the departure time and therefore a delay in the landing time. Escape reserves the right to change regional departure times during the season. Changes will be notified to Guests with reservations.

Article 1: Mutual Rights and Obligations
• All forms of video-photo shooting and tandem flight souvenirs are subject to separate prices.
• Escape will not offer any compensation asked by the Guests in case of flight delay or cancellation.
• When the ticket sold to the guest is cancelled by the guest, this ticket cannot be transferred to another guest.
• Guests under the age of 18 must come with a certificate of permission from their families if they come to the tandem flight on their own.

Article 2: Guest Reservation and Collection Conditions
• Reservations are made by ask-sell method through Escape Sales Office.
• When a confirmed reservation is received, the guest will be charged in full.
• For cancellations made by the guest 12 hours before the flight, 50% of the sales fee will be charged and will be invoiced by Escape.
• Due to a limited daily quota, Guests cannot cancel or change their flight time when the transfer vehicle arrives to collect them for any reason other than health and compulsory reasons (medical certificate is required for health) No refund will be made if the transfer or flight does not take place.
• In case of cancellations made by the guest at the top of the mountain the entire fee will be collected from the guest. If the guests cancel at the lower station or the landing office, the feel will be collect excluding the cable car fee.
• Antalya Belek Transfer is available every Wednesday if a minimum of 4 confirmed Guest reservations are made. If Escape has reservations from other Agency guests in Belek, shared transfer will be provided.
• On other days of the week (except Wednesday) Antalya Belek Transfer is available if a minimum of 4 confirmed Guest reservations are made.
• Transfer sales must be reported to Escape Sales office by 22:00 the day before.
• You can collect the flight fee directly from the customer, pre-flight mail order, bank transfer, etc. The required amount can be paid to Escape via.....
• Prices include VAT.

Article 3: General conditions for guests
Weight Limit:
• Maximum 110 kg for men
• Maximum 90 kg for women
Height limit
• Up to 200 cm
Age limit:
Minimum 5 years old

Conditions 4 :
• It is not appropriate for a guest to fly if they have any of the following: Heart disease, respiratory disease, mental health problems and health problems such as seizures, epilepsy or if the guest is pregnant.
• Guests are asked to wear suitable running shoes. All other necessary equipment will be provided.

Total flight time 5:
• Flight time is not guaranteed. Flight time depends on wind, thermals and can vary according to total passenger weight. A person weighing 75 kg can fly for approximately 35 minutes in normal weather conditions. Maximum flight time is 45 minutes.
Flight Reservation 6:
• Since it is a weather-dependent sport, the reservation should not be left leave until the last days of the Guests’ vacation in order not to miss the opportunity to fly.
• In addition, sometimes due to weather conditions, flight times cannot be guaranteed and therefore it is important that Guests flights are not scheduled to a tight or limited time in the vacation schedule.
Landing area 7:
• Tahtali 2365m landing area is at Tekirova public beach. For groups flying from the same hotel in Tekirova, Escape can try to land at their hotel beach. However, the hotel beach landing cannot be guaranteed.
Article 8: Payment Conditions
• Advanced deferred payments will not be accepted
Article 9:
• Escape’s Covid-19 opening guide is ready and we can share our document if desired. The recommendations of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism and the World Health Organization on protection from Covid19 are closely followed by Escape.

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