Специальная скидка 25% для пользователей Disconti на аренду автомобилей!


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Загрузите приложение Disconti и начните платить меньше!

Disconti позволяет вам платить меньше за покупки во время путешествия!
Disconti позволяет вам платить меньше за покупки во время путешествия!

Детали кампании

• Disconti Card members can benefit from the special discount of the campaign.
• You can benefit from the campaign by entering your discount code directly in the place of "Campaign Code" on our home page of, by calling our Call Center at 0850 377 0 377 or by informing the relevant person before the rental at our Europcar offices in Turkey.
• Our campaign is valid for reservations to be made between 01.01.2022 – 31.12.2022.
• The discount codes of the campaign are valid until 31 December 2022.
• The campaign is valid for daily car rentals.
• The campaign is limited to the fleet possibilities, the vehicle brand and model are not guaranteed.
• Mentioned vehicle models are accepted as the example of the relevant group and at the time of renting, service can be provided with an equivalent vehicle other than the relevant vehicle group.
• Payments except the car rental fee (deposit, insurance, equivalent vehicle, drop off fee, etc.) are not included in the campaign.

• Discounts will be made on Europcar Turkey's "List Prices".
• Discounted prices; It is valid in all our offices in Turkey.
• The offer is not valid for additional products.
• This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion.
• Europcar Turkey reserves the right to stop the campaign and make changes to the campaign conditions.
• "Europcar General Rental Conditions" are valid for the rentals to be made for this campaign and “Faz Oto Kiralama” has the right to make any changes in these conditions.