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Disconti allows you to pay less for your shopping during your travel!
Disconti allows you to pay less for your shopping during your travel!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disconti?

Disconti allows tourists to shop at discounted prices in Turkey. Disconti App is a combination of a discount card and a mobile application that offers many privileges and advantages to tourists. It includes hundreds of benefits from the best retail brands, car rental, restaurants... to special museums and more! You can enjoy your holiday by keeping your best travel friend on your smart phone for 14 days and save on many expenses.

Who is Disconti Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş.? How can I trust?

Disconti Bilgi Teknolojileri AS is a marketing technology company established to develop loyalty solutions for tourists and it has developed a mobile application in this field. The aim of Disconti is to provide foreign tourists who plan to visit Turkey with discount prices and unique experiences starting from the planning phase of the journey until their return to their home country. Through this way, it is aimed to strengthen the connection between brand and tourists and win loyal tourists in return. You can trust with peace of mind because Disconti is the product of one of Turkey´s largest holdings.

Is Disconti mobile app for free to download?

Yes! Download Disconti App and register your account for free! To see all the privileges, benefits and other features you can download from App Store and Play Store.

Why should I buy Disconti Card membership?

Disconti gives you vouchers to redeem in stores and you can pay less with it in Turkey! While you are travelling with Disconti, you´ll save money and access to special offers for 14 days and you feel privileged!  To buy a Disconti Card membership helps you save more than you spend for Disconti membership. Disconti Card will pay of itself at the first shopping!

Elite Card

Discount codes, offers and various privileges from shopping (apparel, accessories, shoe&bags, electronics, home living, organic goods, local businesses etc.) , food&drink (restaurants, QSRs, airport lounges, herbs shops etc.), touristic services (SIM with mobile data & minutes, car rental w/o driver, airport transfer, guide etc.) and attractions (special Museums, guided daily tours, Bosphorus tour, balloon tours, safari & rafting, wellness, Turkish baths etc.), hotels and entertainment (beach, theme parks, game centers, zoo, aquariums, event tickets)

Platinum Card

Platinum Card includes all Elite Card benefits and a free local SIM card with unlimited WhatsApp + 20 GB mobile internet package + 200 minutes for Turkey calls + 250 SMS.

Health Card

Health Card includes all Platinum Card benefits and health services from the most known Turkish hospitals, dental clinics, hair transplantation and plastic surgery clinics...

How can I pay for the card membership?

You can pay with your credit card only via secure payment system in Disconti App or www.disconticard.com.

What does Disconti Card memberships cost?

Elite Card : 9.90 € - nine euros and ninety cents, VAT included

Platinum Card: 49.90 € - forty-nine euros and ninety cents, VAT included

Health Card : 99.90 € - ninety nine euros ninety cents, VAT included

Where can I find and buy Disconti Card?

You can download Disconti App from application stores for free and discover Disconti Card types and it´s offers. After your registration you can buy Disconti Card membership inside the mobile app with secure payment! You can also buy a membership by visiting www.disconticard.com 

Do I have to get the physical card from anywhere?

No, you do not have to get physical card if you buy the digital version. You can activate and use the card with the mobile application.

What is the validity period of the cards? When it´s start?

It is valid for 14 days after the activation. You can hold the membership activation until you arrive in Turkey. Please remember, you can buy your membership now, activate later!

How can I use my Disconti?

Whether you buy Disconti Card membership or not, you can discover all the offers and campaigns but to get discount codes and benefit the offers, you have to buy Disconti Card membership. To use this card;If you do not have a physical Disconti Card;

  1. Download Disconti mobile application from App Store or Play Store for free.
  2. Register and create your account.
  3. Please select the card type that you want.
  4. You will be directed to the secure payment system to complete the payment process.
  5. After your payment, to activate your Disconti Card, press the "USE DISCOUNT NOW!" button at the bottom of the campaign screen.
  6. Redeem your code in the store after your shopping easily and instantly!

If you have a physical Disconti Card in your hand;

  1. Download Disconti mobile application from App Store or Play Store for free.
  2. Register and create your account.
  3. Add your ID number and VC stated on the card or you can also add your card ID and VC by scannig* the QR code with your smart phone´´s camera.
  4. You will be directed to the secure payment system to complete the payment process

* Some physical Disconti Cards has Card Adding QR

If you have prepaid card

  1. Download Disconti mobile application from App Store or Play Store for free.
  2. Register and create your account.
  3. Add your ID number and VC stated on the card 
  4. Begin to save money, no need to pay for a membership!

Can I connect to the brand’s official website and shop online while using Disconti?

The application does not give the ability to buy products. For example, you can not buy a shirt via the app and send it to your home. The application is suitable for in-store use only.

Can I use my Disconti with my second device?

One Disconti Card is available for only one device, so you need to buy another card for your other devices. 

How many people can use this card?This card is personalized and can only be used by one person.

How children will use the cards? Do they need to buy cards too?

Children can benefit from their parents cards.

May I use the physical version without using the app?

Physical Cards can not be without Disconti App. If you´ve bought a membership from www.disconticard.com, you need to download the app too.

Can I buy Disconti in cash or pay in another currency?

Very soon on special program partners in shopping malls ans etc... 

How can I contact to you?

You can contact via sending email to [email protected] or by phone 0216 255 50 00 from monday to sunday, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Who is the responsible if I can not redeem my voucher in a store? Who and how can I tell my problem?

Disconti shall not be held responsible for Suppliers’ wrongful actions but you can send an email to [email protected] or you can call our customer services 0216 255 50 00

When can I start using my discounts? When will my Disconti Card expire?

14 days validty begins when you first display a discount code by pressing the button "USE DISCOUNT NOW". Therefore, please do not display the code before completing the shopping at the store.

What if my travel plans change and I´ve just started my Disconti membership?

If you have any problems with your arrival and departure day then feel free to contact us via e-mail [email protected] or call 0216 255 50 00.

What if I´ve just added my card ID but didn´t activate yet, how much time do I have time to activate?

If you have added your card ID to Disconti app but activated yet, you have 180 days to activate Disconti Card.

When does the validity period begin?

The validity period begins with the first time you use your voucher in Disconti App by by tapping the button "USE DISCOUNT NOW".

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, according to the Article 15/1(ğ) of the Regulation, consumers shall not use the right of withdrawal in distance contracts on services instantly performed in an electronical environment or on intangible assets instantly delivered to the consumer. For this reason, consumers shall not use right of withdrawal upon purchasing the Card. Lost or stolen products are also non-refundable.

Can I upgrade my Disconti Card membership?

Unfortunately, you can not upgrade for now.

Can I transfer or share my Disconti ownership?

Disconti Cards can not be transferred to or shared with anyone else.

How can I use free internet?

You just need to make an online booking via Disconti app! The date of delivery or rental start date must be a date when your Disconti is valid.

Will my local SIM card send to my hotel?*

Your hotel, airport or your AirBnb…It´ll be sent wherever you want! Just book for your free SIM from My Card>My Extra Benefits> TCT SIM banner screen.

*available only for Platinum and Health Cards

What if any attractions are closed?

As Disconti, we´re trying to do our best to provide you with wide range of services. However, if any services or attractions are closed, we will add notices of closures on our website. As described in the Terms of Use 8.4.; Disconti does not have any responsibilities about suppliers wrong actions, lack of performance, commercial decisions and products/services provided.

What if I lose my Disconti Card or get it stolen?

If you have purchased Disconti, don’t be worry. You can use your Disconti mobile application. If you have a card as a physical version and lost it without adding your card ID you have to buy a new one via online channel or as a physical version again.

What if I lose or get stolen my mobile phone with Disconti installed?

Your invoice had been sent to your email address with Disconti ID so you can reactivate your membership in another device. Don´t forget; one Disconti Card can be used on one mobile device.